The greatest technological advancement of the last twenty years? Hands down, the straightening iron. That may sound completely insane, what with the invention of say, the iPhone, but for a girl with one frizzy head of hair, it was pretty life-changing. My newly sleek mane did wonders for my overall appearance (it totally wins over an untamed, quasi perm) and for that, I am eternally grateful. Since I met my first straightener at age fourteen, nothing has changed as far as my hair styling ability goes — things are always (surprise, surprise) straight, straight, straight. That said, I could stand to learn a thing or two from someone so preeminent in hair and beauty artistry as Maritza Buelvas (pictured below). Her talents have been recognized by Lauren Conrad, Darling Magazine and Free People, to name a few. She is also the beauty editor for The Everygirl and a contributor for Brit + Co. Without a doubt, this #girlboss knows the ins and outs of beauty so I definitely need to take notes!

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NAME Maritza Buelvas
LOCATION Chicago, Illinois
COMPANY Beauty For Bloggers
INSTAGRAM @beautyforbloggers


TODAY, ON MY TO-DO LIST: On the immediate…

• Snuggle with my baby boy while glancing over email—wakeup call is 7am, everyday.

• Make breakfast for both my boys, feed them, answer emails and check Instagram.

• Get both boys dressed and ready to head out the door—I take my older son to Pre-K.

• Today, if my baby has decided to take a nap in route back home, I may pitch a workstation in my car to get about 1 to 2 hours of quality, uninterrupted work time. If not, I’ll try to get some quality mother and son time while going for a walk—it’s a great way for me to stay physically active and get mental clarity.

• Today’s must-do list consists of prepping images and content to submit to Brit+Co, scheduling a hosting opportunity at an in-store promotion for a coveted beauty brand, answering more emails, and planning for an intense working weekend which includes two hair trials with wedding clients, developing content for editorials that are due next week and working on the personal re-design of my website—I’m excited to work on it. I really only get small spurts of “Maritza” time—and it’s NEVER uninterrupted. When you work for “yourself,” you often put “yourself” last—clients and freelance obligations come first.

• Once the kids, the husband and the home are situated this evening—it’s time to tackle additional emails (I really hate unanswered emails and do my best to reply) and plan for a fun shoot I’m coordinating and styling in the next few weeks.

PINCH-ME MOMENT OF MY CAREER SO FAR: Being featured for the first time on Lauren (and getting that same feature approved within 15 minutes of submission). It was a real fan-girl moment.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE IS…Staying up way too late on Sunday nights to watch Game Of Thrones. My husband doesn’t believe in watching anything LIVE—so by the time we both nestle in to watch, it’s easily 12am.

I CAN’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT…a bottle of water and my iPhone

MY WORK CONSTANTLY CHALLENGES ME TO…think creatively and present out-of-the-box beauty/lifestyle topics in fun, relatable ways.

IN ANOTHER LIFE I’D BE…a CIA agent or private detective. I’m a natural born sleuth.

I’D LOVE TO SIT DOWN WITH (CELEBRITY, PAST OR PRESENT) OVER (DRINK OF CHOICE) TO CHAT ABOUT…I’d have to pick Marilyn Monroe—I mean there’s so much there—it would have to be over a cocktail of her choosing.

THE BEST PART OF MY WORK IS…that I get to design my schedule (for the most part) and create from scratch!

I’M A NINJA AT…multi-tasking and coordination. I’m a Gemini so I’m innately versatile. I’m also a stealth ninja when it comes to styling hair.

MY MOTTO: Life is all about moments and details!

IF I COULD INVITE ANY FIVE PEOPLE TO A DINNER PARTY, THEY’D BE: My favorite people on the planet! My immediate family of husband, two boys, my mom, and as a special guest—my Godmother. Special moments are meant to be spent with loved ones and giving gratitude is essential.

THE WILDEST THING I’VE EVER DONE IS…that time my friend and I hung out with Madonna’s back up dancer and snuck onto her suite’s floor at The Ritz Carlton. We were both going to pretend to be cousins with her dancer, but none of us looked anything alike. Madonna’s door was ajar and we could clearly hear her, but my friend chickened out. I was game though—I’ve always been a little ballsy. I was 14—probably would have crashed and burned anyway. I can either have a great poker face or burst into uncontrollable laughter. Oh my gosh, can you imagine?!

THE MOST INCREDIBLE PLACE I’VE EVER BEEN IS…Paris (hands down!) where the streets smell of perfume.

THE BEST GIFT I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS…my engagement ring while overlooking The Golden Gate Bridge.


1) Still be able to do what I love, but command my own hours.
2) Build a nice little nest egg for my family and have time to truly nestle in that space.
3) Serve as a continuous source of inspiration and support for my boys.

MY FAVORITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW ARE: @laurenconrad_com and @stephsterjovski are two of my hands-down faves!


Photography Credit

Cassandra Eldridge

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