I don’t like to fly. I also don’t like to drive on freeways, boat in shark infested waters or walk around some questionable neighborhoods that are uncomfortably close to our home. I know, as far as the various modes of travel go, I’m clearly very open-minded (in my defense, this bubble is quite cozy). I still hope to see the world, it just may take a high-speed, underwater train or you know, some finger-snapping magic. One place I’ve actually always wanted to travel is Australia, but I joke that it may never happen because hello, it’s a twenty hour flight. TWENTY. It’s difficult for me to get through a three hour flight, so I really can’t fathom something nearly seven times longer. But hey, I can always cruise there, right? Even if it takes a month…on a boat…in my flippy floppies. If I ever do muster up the courage to make the flight, I’m going to enlist (beg) Georgia Hobart to go with me. After all, she is a pro at the whole globetrotting thing, hopping between Melbourne and New York as she grows her incredible empire of handmade footwear, Hobes. The collection is supremely classic (just like its founding fashionista) and your tootsies will be thanking you with every step. And the tots collection? Don’t even get me started.


NAME Georgia Hobart
AGE 32
LOCATION Bouncing back and forth between New York and Melbourne
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Bachelor of Business Marketing (+ plenty of creative courses on the side!)
INSTAGRAM @thehobe

MAKING Gingerbread (it’s a gingerbread frenzy before Christmas).
READING Sadly no books at the moment, but plenty of mags on my bedside including Cereal, W Magazine.
THINKING About some Aussie beach time.
DRINKING Pims (getting in the summer vibe)
WRITING I’ve just this month picked up journal writing again…dear diaryyyy…
BOOKMARKING Anything in crisp white cotton
MARVELING Storm King, visited for the first time on the weekend – truly amazing.
HOPING For our new product samples to arrival this afternoon…
PINNING Soft, soft blue grey.
LOVING Cod for lunch today at Jack’s Wife Frida.
GIGGLING Got to be at my rouge cat Moozie.
FEELING Right now? Freezing.
DISLIKING Long haul flights, intense dislike.
WEARING Lots of winter white, shiny black, dove grey.
ADMIRING Henry Marisse The Cut-Outs – a must see (at the MOMA until Feb)
PLAYING Highaskite on high rotation at the moment.
PLANNING Our Winter ’15 range.
TRYING To get back into yoga.
DREAMING Of white sand.
FOLLOWING The sun around my apartment.
NEEDING Vegemite
ENJOYING Am I a dork if I say fall foliage… (first Fall in NY so I’m allowed)
WAITING For our Hobes Christmas cards to arrive (hurry up please :)!
WONDERING How much turkey I’ll be eating on Thanksgiving.
WISHING For a proenza Schouler courier backpack.
COOKING Gingerbread, more gingerbread…
LIKING White, blue, white, blue, white, blue.
NOTICING Bum bags everywhere, spare me please.
WATCHING Went to an amazing documentary at DOC NYC last night.
OPENING Our christmas cards… soon hopefully!
WANTING Creatures of Comfort Coco Coat.


Photography Credits

Model: Christina Caradona | @troprouge
Photographs 1, 2, 3, + 5: Emma Kepley | @emmajanekepley

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