Kayte Demont is that girl. The one with the million dollar smile, keen sense of style and unmatched joie de vivre. She’s the girl we all want to be friends with, if not, emulate. And if I ever find myself in Boston, she’ll be my first call for a city tour and an ab routine of laughs. And maybe we’ll play Cards Against Humanity over wine. Or have a dance-off. Who knows. No matter what, you’re guaranteed a good time in the company of this ambitious stunner. I know, because (a) she was an awesome interviewee and (b) her Instagram feed is just fantastical. Besides lighting up rooms left and right, Kayte also doles out inspiration to the masses via her website, Mass Musings, designed specifically for the creative individual, covering everything from beauty and fashion to food and music. And for all of you living in Massachusetts or even popping by for a visit, she highlights some pretty spectacular spots around the state so definitely keep up with her. I promise, you won’t regret it.


NAME Kayte Demont
AGE 24
LOCATION Boston, Massachusetts
COMPANY Mass Musings
WEBSITE www.massmusings.com
INSTAGRAM @massmusings


TODAY, ON MY TO-DO LIST…answer a million emails that have been piling up due to my 9-5 (I work at a software company doing marketing/customer success), work out, attend two events this evening, finish an email campaign, edit a sponsored post series, eat something reasonably healthy for dinner.

PINCH-ME MOMENT OF MY CAREER SO FAR…Aimee Song (the blogger behind Song of Style) liked 3 of my Instagram pictures and I just about peed my pants! Besides her being my blogger crush, I think the most “pinch-me” moment would have to be being recognized in public. It’s always been my dream to inspire people and make an impact so now that it’s starting to really happen… it’s very surreal and humbling!

MY GUILTY PLEASURE IS…French fries and wine. Give me ALL of the French fries and wine!

I CAN’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT…phone, keys, wallet. Without those three things I would be completely useless. As much as I hate to admit it, my phone is probably the most important because I can work on it, look things up, etc. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t on it 24/7 which is the part that kills me. I didn’t even have texting until my sophomore year of college and now I feel as if I’ve lost a bit of that personal touch with some of the people that I care about.

MY WORK CONSTANTLY CHALLENGES ME TO…push the boundaries of creativity and time manage. The creative part comes easily to me. The time management part? Not so much.

IN ANOTHER LIFE, I’D BE…a mermaid. If that wasn’t an option then I’d probably just hope to be something similar to myself but maybe a bit more wild. By wild I mean free and in touch with nature, not a crazy party girl…

I’D LOVE TO SIT DOWN WITH (CELEBRITY, PAST OR PRESENT) OVER (DRINK OF CHOICE) TO CHAT ABOUT…The Beatles over whatever they wanted (but let’s be honest, wine.) to chat about life.

THE BEST PART OF MY WORK IS…challenging myself to find inspiration in random things. It’s far too easy to get stuck in a rut and not step outside the comfort zone/box to see if you like different things. I’ll try anything once!

I’M A NINJA AT…dancing

MY MOTTO…everything happens for a reason.

IF I COULD INVITE ANY FIVE PEOPLE TO A DINNER PARTY, THEY’D BE…I always blank when put on the spot with these questions…

1) Cara Delevigne
2) F. Scott Fitzgerald
3) Ellen Degeneres
4) Passion Pit
5) The Beatles

There’s way more than 5 but I couldn’t choose.

THE WILDEST THING I’VE EVER DONE IS…depends on your definition of wild…hehe


THE BEST GIFT I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS…my boyfriend gave me a deck of cards with 52 reasons why he loves me on them – to this day I still read them when I’m feeling down!

IF I WERE A ROCKSTAR, MY STAGE NAME WOULD BE…Kayte (no last name – like Rihanna)

MY FAVORITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TO FOLLOW IS…Free People (@freepeople) or Madewell (@madewell1937)


MY FAVORITE BOARD GAME IS…LIFE! Ohmygod, I’m absolutely obsessed with that board game! I also love Cards Against Humanity but who doesn’t?!

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