Fact: southern hospitality really is a thing and Georgia really does have great peaches. Not to mention, just the greatest bunch of some of the most kind-hearted people I’ve had the privilege of getting to know. And one such lovely lady is Erin Bales Zwigart, founder of the deliciously crafty subscription service, Georgia Crafted, focused on sourcing the best Georgia-made products whether it’s soap, salsa or the cutest handmade fleece cozies on the planet (seriously, they’re like pajamas for your cup). A little southern charm delivered right to your door? Definitely. Absolutely. Yes.


NAME Erin Bales Zwigart
AGE 38
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Bachelor of Arts Degree in Telecommunications. Just call it News Broadcasting. Graduated from a rival school of Georgia – that’s all I will say. ; )
COMPANY Georgia Crafted
ESTABLISHED September 2013
INSTAGRAM @georgiacrafted
MAKING Georgia Crafted Gift & Subscription Boxes filled with Georgia-made products
READING Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid….yes, I have two little princesses at home! These days, my reading is usually with them.
THINKING What other themed gift box can I come up with/what other Georgia artisans can I promote in a subscription or gift box.
DRINKING K. Teas “Autumn Evening” Tea (one of our November artisans we featured). If not that, then a good Oregon Pinot Noir or a good Malbec.
WRITING Gift Notes for Georgia Crafted Boxes. Lots and lots of handwritten gift notes.
BOOKMARKING Holiday Decorating Ideas.
MARVELING A video some friends and I got to put together of us re-enacting Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.
HOPING For an epic holiday season with Georgia Crafted gift box/subscription orders
PINNING Fall/Winter clothes, fall recipes. Obsessed.
LOVING Granola from Tiny Buffalo and Non-GMO Yogurt!
GIGGLING At my little ones. They are a riot.
FEELING Thankful. I have been very blessed to spend the past 14 months doing what I love, not commuting 2.5 hours day and spending more time at home with my kids.
DISLIKING The freezing temps. Anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike the heat. But, freezing temps in November? Where are the 60’s/70s?
WEARING Skinny jeans, boots and a sweater.
ADMIRING Every small business owner who is making their dreams come true.
PLAYING Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off
PLANNING 2015 Subscription Boxes and when I can take my next Disney Cruise
BUILDING Boxes. Lots and lots of Boxes.
TRYING New things with my husband. Our date nights are getting a makeover in 2015!
DREAMING About our next vacation and what my (first) new niece or nephew will look like come next Spring.
FOLLOWING Cure for Austin.
PONDERING What type of curtains to have in our family room over our French Doors to our back deck. The leaves are falling and we would like some privacy this year!
NEEDING Copper mugs for Moscow Mules
ENJOYING My girls. They are at an amazing age (3 and 5) and trying to just enjoy every moment, as time seems to be flying by way too fast.
WAITING On more Georgia Crafted inventory.
WONDERING What 2015 is going to bring.
WISHING For many people I know right now struggling with cancer to have their prayers answered. Age ranging from 5 to 65.
COOKING As clean as I possibly can. Tired of all of the junk that is in food these days and trying to be better. I write this right after I ate pizza for dinner.
LIKING Cable knit fleece-lined leggings with boots.
NOTICING I really need a wardrobe refresh.
WATCHING Scandal, Revenge, How to Get Away with Murder and Nashville. #ABC
OPENING So many packages from Georgia artisans. It’s like Christmas morning every day in this house with testing new products. I love my job.
WANTING Hunter rain boots. Green.

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