Sooo, social media. The bane of our existence? Maybe. But if you know what you’re doing, it’s #amazeballs. So today, I’m chatting up nine successful ladies who regularly use social media as a crucial part of their business. How? Let’s find out…

Social media has been an immense help to my business and starting out it wasn’t even intentional marketing! Instagram is my best social media marketing platform. Instagram came about when I was still at my previous job, before I began Claire Zinnecker Design. I was writing for Camille Styles and starting using instagram to capture not only my process for the DIY projects but also things I saw on a day to day basis coupled with little projects in my personal home. My following began to grow and with that my “aesthetic” started taking shape with me even realizing it. I discovered how much I loved sharing the way I saw my life, for better or worse, with others. People then started reaching out to me for design work because of instagram. I got such a positive response that I found the courage to start my own company! I now document my own work + the work at my part time job on instagram and am blown away by the support I have received. I always tell people I try to share one beautiful thing a day with others. I don’t restrict myself to posting about one “type” of thing. If you don’t like my overwhelming about of dog pictures then unfollow me, because that won’t be changing : ) I always try to explain to people who only know me via instagram that my life is not always as bright and happy as my one photo seems. Real life is a roller coaster, don’t ever compare yourself with others on social media because it’s seldom real!
– Claire Zinnecker of Claire Zinnecker Design

We use social media to capture the imagination and attention of our followers. We live and die by instagram, and love sharing daily doses of inspiration to them. Our new product, The Mrs. Box, has taken off solely because of instagram, and the viral nature that imagery has with our particular market! We make sure all of our images are compelling and “viral worthy!”
– Summer Watkins Ball of The Mrs Box & Grey Likes Weddings

Social media is, hands down, more effective for me than any other way of advertising/word of mouth situation. My main players are Facebook and Instagram – with Instagram being my true darling. I’m totally addicted. The thing about social media that can be tricky is that sometimes it can seem so “self-promotey.” I hate that, and I can be guilty of that often – especially on Facebook. So what I love about Instagram is that I sprinkle in images from my life, travels, business, and classes. There, I feel like people can really get to know me, my tastes, my passions, as well as get to know my business. Engaging people through pictures is such an exciting thing – true conversations can start in an Instagram feed with people you’d otherwise never meet. When I teach classes, people ask me about my most recent trip, or about my gaggle of dogs I have. You’re instantly connected. By posting pictures of my work, or images from my classes, it peeks people’s interest. It’s not about “look at this, hire me!”, but more about “excited to teach this class right now” and people feel the experience, rather than the promotion. Does that even make sense? I hope Instagram is around for a long time – it’s so much more interesting than the Facebooks and Twitters of the world. ; )
– Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye

Social media is a great place for sharing. We’re particularly loving Instagram currently. We enjoy that our customers can snap photos of themselves in our pieces and Insta them immediately. It allows for a sense of connectivity and a feeling that we are all part of the great big world, together. And for this little brand it gives us insight as to how our collections are being worn and in what situations. And… its fun! Facebook is also another great tool we like to use for sharing promotions and the goings-on for our business. Today, we shared our Breast Cancer Awareness promotion… something so very close to our heart.
– Charlotte Hale, Founder, Owner & Creative Director of Plum Pretty Sugar

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I love social media for my business because I can put our best foot forward and share all our shop items, inspirations and what’s coming up quick and easy! Sharing quick snaps and gorgeous photos gives our followed a peak into our online SHOP, and hopefully gets them excited to purchase a favourite item or two!
– Monika Hibbs

At urbanic, we use social media to keep our followers updated with our latest news, products, and a peek into what goes on behind the brand. We post daily happenings in and around our shop, showcase things that we’re excited about and allow these channels to be part of the design inspiration that drives us as a company.
– Audrey Woollen, Owner of Urbanic Paper Boutique

As a stylist, social media has become an imperative tool for my business and brand, especially Instagram. I spend a lot of effort seeking out inspiration for upcoming design and styling projects while I’m out and about, and I am always working to hone my creative eye, much of which I capture using my iPhone. I feel that sharing images of the things that I find inspiring and interesting is key in allowing my clients to see who I am as a stylist and what my aesthetic and style is. Unlike a website or even a blog that may only be updated once every few days, or once every few months, social media allows me to share my current work, inspirations and creative stream of consciousness immediately. I therefore view social media as my primary source of marketing for my brand and business. I have also found that social media is a key way to network within the industry and build new contacts and relationships. Many of the people whom I see as some of my closest creative friends and colleagues, were folks whom I initially connected with via social media.
– Jenn Elliott Blake, Prop Stylist

We love to use social media to have a real time connection with our followers! We can easily chat on twitter and instantly share what’s new via instagram and Facebook!
– Roxy Te of Society Social

I find that social media is a great way to connect with my readers. Often times they are more willing to interact on social media as it takes less time than leaving a comment on my blog. This gives me a clear idea about what content my readers are connecting with.
– Leah Bergman of Freutcake


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