I like people that smile and really smile. It’s like an open invitation to have a fantastic day, or at the very least, to feel a tiny bit better about the crazies clouding your head. Though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting today’s #girlboss in person, I have a sneaky feeling that Brynn Renné of Dandy & Fine Parties is one of those people who can truly turn a frown upside down. After nearly eight years in the corporate world, Brynn said adios! Instead, she followed her creative instincts and now brings her lovely, relaxed aesthetic to countless weddings and events throughout Washington state. To share her party styling know-how, she has also recently partnered with fellow LSS creative, Cherie Marquez of La Fleur Kitchen, to launch Party Prep Workshop — a two day, intensive party design and styling workshop in Seattle. Now, isn’t that just dandy?


NAME Brynn Renné
AGE 33
LOCATION Seattle, Washington
COMPANY Dandy & Fine Parties
ESTABLISHED March 3, 2014
INSTAGRAM @dandyfineparty


TODAY, ON MY TO-DO LIST…Pull together venue information and inspiration board for a client, meet with photographer to discuss upcoming workshop, start to build décor and props for upcoming stylized shoot. Ready, set, hustle!

PINCH ME MOMENT OF MY CAREER SO FAR…The wedding I did in Austin, TX last October was pretty incredible. Traveling to a really cool destination to put together the most colorful event for the sweetest couple was a total dream. It is always so amazing to see the fruits of your labor flourish. It was a lot of hard work, don’t get me wrong, but so worth it in the end when you see it all put together… and then to see the look on you clients’ faces. WOW. Their excitement and gratefulness just overwhelmed me with so much joy. Those are the moments I live for in this little adventure I call Dandy & Fine.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE IS…I have a few…Wine. Lots of red wine. Spain, Portugal and Paso Robles wines have been on my current rotation. Carrot cake – specifically from PCC, a local natural foods market, because it is the absolute best carrot cake I have ever had. Seriously. Oh, and binge watching House of Cards when my husband and I can find the time, at the same time.

I CAN’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT…My notebook and a pen. I am a little old fashioned and still love to put pen to paper when it comes to taking notes as I talk to clients or if I want to write something down that I felt inspired by. My iPhone for photo taking.

MY WORK CONSTANTLY CHALLENGES ME TO…Think differently to bring a fresh perspective to the table for my clients. I generally do not get inspired by what is trendy. My style is to work with the client’s vision first and then see how I can elevate it with fresh, fun ideas and unique touches that are personal to the client. With the overwhelming content of Pinterest, Instagram, etc. I sometimes need to detox from those sources just to clear my head and focus on more organic inspiration, like nature or even just pulling out my own materials to get the creative wheels spinning. This is easily a challenge in today’s tech-driven world.

IN ANOTHER LIFE, I’D BE…Sometimes I dream that I might have lived two other lives – one in the 1920s as an artist (a painter because I always wish I was more gifted in painting) in Paris, and one in the 1960s as a mod gogo dancer. Ha! No matter what, I think I would always be a free spirit who is artistic and loves to dance. It’s the little things.

I’D LOVE TO SIT DOWN WITH (celebrity, past or present) OVER (drink of choice) TO CHAT ABOUT…Sofia Coppola over green chartreuse with soda water and a lemon twist followed by a bottle of champagne. We would just chat about life and our perspectives, and what is next on the agenda for each of us. Basically, we would chat like we are friends.

THE BEST PART OF MY WORK IS…Simply being able to do what I am most passionate about. I feel grateful each and every day that I am doing something that I love and feel meant to do. I do not ever want to take that for granted.

I’M A NINJA AT…Birthday surprises. The first was when I successfully helped to surprise my husband when his brother flew into Oregon wine country for his 30th birthday weekend. The second was flying from Seattle to Los Angeles to show up at my best friend’s doorstep for her 30th birthday, knocking and greeting her with me and champagne! Most recently, in collaboration with a friend, I flew into NYC to surprise my best friend, Erika, once again on her birthday. I came in a day earlier than her and she found me hiding under some blankets on her friend’s couch…it was a huge success! I had just come from a road trip from Seattle to Big Sur for my friends’ wedding, then spent a couple of days in Calistoga…so all the while, as I was hopping on a plane in San Francisco, Erika thought that I was galavanting about California! I love surprises.

MY MOTTO: “Do all things with love” & “Lazy is not an option”

IF I COULD INVITE ANY FIVE PEOPLE TO A DINNER PARTY, THEY’D BE: My best of friends – Daniel (my husband), Erika, James, Angie – and Jesus. The four people I listed are very much my family and we always have the best of times together. I think we could have a dinner party every night of the week and never tire of each other’s company. And, well, Jesus would just be the perfect person to add to the party. What an evening that would be!

THE WILDEST THING I’VE EVER DONE WAS…Maybe this is too personal, but here goes nothing. You asked! I skinny dipped in the moonlight with friends at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver, BC. I am a little body shy, so this is definitely not something I would normally do, but it was a friend’s birthday and there was some tequila involved. I admit, it was fun!

THE BEST GIFT I’VE EVER RECEIVED WAS…My appreciation for beautiful things and the creativity it brings. I thank my mom so much for this. She has always created her own style and never followed trends. My mom has taught me to go with my gut when it comes to creative choices. She has also always encouraged me to have my own style. This is definitely a better gift than any material object.

IF I COULD LIVE DURING ANY OTHER PERIOD IN HISTORY, IT’D BE…Oops, kind of talked about this one in an earlier question. But if I had to choose one, I think it would be the 1960s. Yeah, kind of in love with that era.

THE ULTIMATE PARTY WOULD HAVE…Now this is my favorite kind of question! The ultimate party would have the essence of Gatsby style. In specific and for visual reference, the way that Baz Luhrmann portrayed Gatsby’s parties in the most recent film of The Great Gatsby, is absolute perfection. Incredible music, entertainment, confetti, fireworks…the works. The ultimate party would definitely include all of those things. My husband and I always talk about that kind of party for our 20 year wedding anniversary!

MY FAVORITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TO FOLLOW IS…While there are so many accounts I absolutely love to follow for beautiful images, I think my favorite might just be @jengotch. She is so hilarious and always provides the perfect comic relief for me.


Photography Credits

Photos 1, 2, 3 by Allyson Magda
 Photos 4, 5 by Petula Pea Photography

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