Several months ago, I read a really neat interview with photographer/videographer Bailey Roberts on Sous Style. She gave an hour-by-hour breakdown of her morning waking up in her home state of Hawaii, listening to Amadou and Mariam (an incredible Malian duo – seriously, their music instantly puts me in a good mood) as she gets ready, then heading into the surf by 7:03am. She is a bona fide island girl and everything about her feels natural, confident and quite simply, happy. Flipping through her portfolio, you quickly get a sense of her adventurous spirit and her uncanny ability to capture the moment. Her images will have you pining for sandy beaches and the smell of sunscreen & if you happen to end up booking a flight to the Aloha state, so be it.


NAME Bailey Rebecca Roberts
LOCATION Hawaii | Los Angeles | New York
INSTAGRAM @baileyrebeccaroberts


MAKING a documentary segment on young Native American musician activists throughout the US and Canada.
READING Haruki Murakami – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgramage
THINKING about my family and friends back in New York.
WRITING in my journal, reflections on my experience in this journey and memories of my friend Wiley.
MARVELING at the sunrises and sunsets over the landscapes of the Southwest.
HOPING to always stay excited and gracious for the experiences in my life.
LOVING being alert, awake and alive.
GIGGLING at every joke the director of this project says.
FEELING homesick.
WEARING no shoes.
ADMIRING the Lakota Sioux, the Omaha and Navajo.
PLAYING Yesway’s – Howling Face
PLANNING a road trip through Australia.
BUILDING a life.
TRYING to keep it together.
DREAMING of Hawaii.
PONDERING parallel time and space.
ENJOYING adventure.
WAITING for my flight.
WONDERING about how to be a good friend, lover and artist.
WISHING for superpowers.
COOKING breakfast to be eaten in bed.
LIKING the color of the fall blue sky.
NOTICING how time escapes us.
WATCHING planes skip across the runway at the Albuquerque airport.
OPENING my mind.
WANTING courage and audacity.

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