justina1When we furnished our little home a few years ago, I went neutral on everything. I figured it was calming and made the space seem a bit bigger. That, and I’m just generally uncomfortable incorporating too much color into things. But if anyone could change my mind about how wonderful pops of color can be, it’s Justina Blakeney. She is not only obsessed with color, but has the mad skills to decorate with lots of it. Her home, or the Jungalow as she calls it, is an incredible space filled to the brim with life, happiness, travels, and yes, very vivid colors. Oh, and definitely check out her seriously cool faces of foliage — they are, in a word, fantabulous.


NAME Justina Blakeney
AGE 35
LOCATION Los Angeles, California
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND BA, UCLA | Design Certificate, Polidoma (Italy)
COMPANY The Jungalow, LLC also known as Studio Justina Blakeney
WEBSITE blog.justinablakeney.com
INSTAGRAM @justinablakeney


MAKING things pretty (and weird!)
READING The World of Interiors
THINKING about my next move
DRINKING out of a coconut
WRITING the back cover of my new book to be released 4/15
BOOKMARKING anything that has to do with cement tiles
MARVELING over illustrator Monica Ramos
HOPING to buy a house
PINNING all kinds of goodness
LOVING my daughter
GIGGLING about how I’ve been able to make a career out of making all kinds of odd things
DISLIKING bureaucracy
WEARING my favorite Uxibal boots
ADMIRING Commune Design Studio
PLAYING online Scrabble. It’s a problem.
PLANNING for my book release
BUILDING all kinds of stuff, but at the moment, a product line and portraits out of leaves and flowers.
TRYING to get some carido in…even a little bit every day.
DREAMING of designing a home for my family one day.
FOLLOWING my own heart.
PONDERING about work/family balance.
NEEDING a vacation. The kind with bikinis and sand.
ENJOYING decorating my new studio.
WAITING for the next season of Game of Thrones.
WONDERING why I hardly ever go to the beach.
WISHING for all of us to prioritize the health of the earth over our own small conveniences.
COOKING coconut curry (having a major coconut moment)
LIKING beginning to work on more video-format stuff.
NOTICING that I seriously need a haircut!
WATCHING my daughter learn 10 new words per day.
OPENING my mind to the fact that the 90s are coming back. OMG.
WANTING to get a new stamp in my passport.

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