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When I applied to college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Besides, you know, becoming a doctor. To be honest, I really did want to be an obstetrician, but seeing as I had little to no interest in biology and chemistry, I avoided science courses like the plague. Instead, I naively signed up for a textiles course, genuinely believing I had found my niche and was totally going to become a fashion designer. As luck would have it, “Textiles 101” was code for “The Chemistry of Fabric (that you will never, ever understand)”. Let’s just say, my GPA took a shellacking and never recovered. In spite of that completely horrible course, I still love textiles and the beauties that Meghna Davé, founder of Maelu, dreams up are no exception. Just a few years ago, after an inspirational and life-changing trip to India, she left the corporate world to launch her collection of handmade & hand block printed sustainable textiles, made entirely with natural fibers and vegetable dyes. I know, right? Amazing. I really wish I had known Meghna back in college…I think Textiles 101 may have gone a bit differently!

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NAME Meghna Davé
AGE 27
LOCATION Atlanta, Georgia
COMPANY Maelu Designs
INSTAGRAM @MaeluDesigns


TODAY, ON MY TO-DO LIST…Make coffee, then answer emails and check in on the status of orders. Today I have a morning meeting to discuss a sewing collaboration with an Atlanta non profit that creates jobs for refugees. On the way back to the studio I need to run a few errands checking in with boutiques around town and stop at Office Depot to pick up extra supplies (an almost daily occurrence). After errands I’ll work on filling orders and logistical tasks. In the evening, I’ll head on over to West Elm to participate in a holiday pop up shop for local makers. Once I get home I’ll do a final check in with the Maelu team that helps me keep everything running. After work, I’ll probably be cooking Mexican food for dinner and hoping to catch up on my reading but will most likely get sucked in on Netflix.

PINCH-ME MOMENT OF MY CAREER SO FAR…Getting to work with such incredible companies! Being featured on One Kings Lane, ScoutMob and in the High Museum of Atlanta have all been amazing milestones for my business.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE IS…watching old episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix.

I CAN’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT…my cell phone, a bottle of water and business cards.

MY WORK CONSTANTLY CHALLENGES ME TO…be innovative. We are constantly coming up with new textile designs and product ideas.

IN ANOTHER LIFE I’D BE…a travel photographer.

I’D LOVE TO SIT DOWN WITH (CELEBRITY, PAST OR PRESENT) TO CHAT ABOUT…Jennifer Lawrence, she just seems so dang cool.

THE BEST PART OF MY WORK IS…I love so many aspects of my work! I love that I get to travel internationally, meet such supportive customers, be a part of this wonderful creative community in Atlanta and constantly be surrounded by the most amazingly gorgeous textiles!

I’M A NINJA AT…making green smoothies.

MY MOTTO IS…“Because you are alive, everything is possible” – a quote by the Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh.

IF I COULD INVITE ANY FIVE PEOPLE TO A DINNER PARTY, THEY’D BE…Audrey Hepburn, Maya Angelou, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Jimmy Kimmel

THE WILDEST THING I’VE EVER DONE IS…quitting my job to spend a year traveling solo throughout Asia.

THE BEST GIFT I’VE RECEIVED IS…a kimono from my boyfriend – it inspired me to design a whole new product that ended up becoming one of our best selling lines!

THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL TRIP I’VE TAKEN…When I was backpacking I spent 6 months in India which is where I discovered block printing and ultimately met the family of block printers I would end up working with to help bring our designs to life. The colors, sights and sounds of that country will forever inspire me.

I CAN’T WAIT TO VISIT…Morocco. The textiles that I would come home with!

IF I WERE A ROCKSTAR, MY STAGE NAME WOULD BE…I’ll take a cue from Beyonce and go with Meghna Fierce.

MY FAVORITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW ARE…@arieleaslasko, @designsponge, @freepeople

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