When Lauren Conrad entrusts you with the baking of her wedding cake, I would say that’s pretty clear and convincing evidence that you’re a rockstar. After all, LC knows how to pick ‘em and judging by her wedding album, we know she has great taste – in this case, literally! Lauren Lowstan, the lovely and talented baker behind A Sweet Savory, has been a part of many baking tutorials on from ombre cakes to the most beautiful watercolor meringues and yes, Mrs. Tell’s wedding cake. And today, she is giving us a peek into her sweet life and her plans to keep it that way.


NAME Lauren Lowstan
AGE 29
LOCATION South Bay, Los Angeles
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Undergraduate, Business Management at CSUN
COMPANY A Sweet Savory
ESTABLISHED Officially in 2012
INSTAGRAM @laurenlowstan


MAKING pastries . Lots and lots of pastries.
READING Jenny Mollen’s “I Like You Just The Way I Am”
THINKING “Why didn’t I listen to my mom’s advice ever as a teen?” Tanning beds, baby oil and sun anyone?? Feeling and seeing all that time I spent in the sun back in the day.
DRINKING tea, constantly. All day, everyday. Also, any autumn inspired drinks are my go to cocktails.
WRITING a business plan for my one day bakery.
BOOKMARKING cute wrapping and packaging techniques for christmas presents.
MARVELING at all the beautiful places there are in this world that I need to visit.
HOPING to one day have complete happiness and peace with myself and my life. I’ve got a little ways to go ; )
PINNING everything for my dream life… Home, wardrobe, beauty, decorative skills, you name it.
LOVING this colder fall weather here in southern CA. Finally!!
GIGGLING at the moments I realize I’m reciting a movie word for word because I’ve seen it way too many times. (Too shameful to name which movies)
FEELING grateful for my family and friends. I have the best support system.
DISLIKING cheese, in all its forms. “Hate” would be a more suitable word.
WEARING nail polish, always. I feel more put together with my nails done.
ADMIRING all of the self employed women out there who have started from the ground up and now have flourishing businesses of their own. Very inspiring.
PLAYING Hozier. Hands down my favorite voice at the moment.
PLANNING our thanksgiving menu
BUILDING my ever growing movie collection. Can’t help but buy DVDs every time I go to Target.
TRYING to push myself to work out more. It’s a major chore.
DREAMING of a far away place.
FOLLOWING Tyler Knott Gregson. I’m a big fan of his poetry.
PONDERING over where in LA needs a good pastry shop/bakery. Suggestions??
NEEDING more sleep. Always.
ENJOYING little weekend getaways with my boyfriend whenever I can get them.
WAITING impatiently for Christmas time to get here.
WONDERING over a murder mystery on the Serial podcast. I’ve never been one to get into murder novels or stories, but I cannot stop thinking about this case. I’m waiting every day for Thursday to come so I can tune in.
WISHING for more patience.
COOKING up new recipes I’ve found on Pinterest.
LIKING all the spice and pumpkin smells everywhere I go.
NOTICING how this interview style kind of reminds me of those chain email questionnaires that always went around, circa early 2001.
WATCHING a broad range of tv before bed. From The Newsroom to Revenge. I love it all.
OPENING early ordered online Christmas presents
WANTING the Mansur Gavriel leather bucket bag

Photography Credits

Photos 1 by Chaz Cruz
Photos 2 thru 5 by Yoni Goldberg for
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