Oh, December. You’re one of my favorite months, if for no other reason, than you bring with you sweatshirt season. And that, my friends, is the greatest season of all. Bring on the cozy! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and Ashley Schoenith (that beauty pictured above), the heirloom designer behind Ice Milk Aprons, knows how to cozy up the season even more. Her holiday collection is so festive and filled with everything from burlap advent calendars (yes!) to the cutest waist aprons you ever did see. Rumor has it, I just might have to ask Santa for a few more things this Christmas…


NAME Ashley Schoenith
AGE 33
LOCATION Atlanta, Georgia
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND University of Georgia (Marketing)
COMPANY IceMilk Aprons | Heirloomed (blog)
INSTAGRAM @icemilkaprons


MAKING samples for a fun (in my humble opinion) new product line
READING Five Little Pumpkins…on repeat. My son is obsessed.
THINKING 24/7. I can’t turn it off. I think it’s something any creative + entrepreneur can relate to, but I love it.
DRINKING decaf. I can’t give up my coffee, especially this time of year, so I call it a comprise.
WRITING a business plan. For another little project I’m working on (ahem … did I mention I can’t turn it off?)
BOOKMARKING Oh, you must mean “pinning” – it’s my virtual way of organizing my life and quite possibly the best thing ever invented for the way my brain works. Helps me keep my many interested archived so my forgetful mind can go back and find the things I want to at a moments notice.
MARVELING at childhood. Time flies by but I’m soaking up every single moment of my two little ones that I can.
HOPING always that things translate in real life as they do from the ideas in my head.
PINNING re: “bookmarking”…
LOVING my sweet husband.
GIGGLING at Drunk J.Crew – have you seen it? So hilarious. It’s my new Hey Girl fix.
FEELING a little anxious about how fast this year is flying by. This is definitely the busy season.
DISLIKING that all of my boots are packed away (somewhere…) We are in the midst of moving and Fall just isn’t the same without them!
WEARING Madewell. I am loving this brand head to toe, especially their denim & hats.
ADMIRING hard workers. There are only so many hours in the day and some folks pull it all off flawlessly (I love it!)
PLANNING for 2015. I always sit down and do my business planning this time of year before the holiday season gets the best of me. It’s always a great reminder & refresher of my goals and ethos.
BUILDING a new house. It is one of the most fun things I’ve had the opportunity to do. More mentally challenging to my design mind on some fronts than I expected but worth every minute.
TRYING to get it all done. I’m a list maker and a prioritizer, and I’ve started looking at my tasks on a weekly basis vs daily which has made me a great deal more productive and left me feeling accomplished.
DREAMING of the beach. I do love Fall but I could really use a tropical getaway. Once it drops below 70, I’m out.
FOLLOWING some truly creative folks online. I love jumping on Pinterest & Instagram these days, leaves me feeling so inspired and with a million new ideas.
PONDERING the best lifestyle changes (or tweaks) I can make for myself.
NEEDING some good go-to pieces to add to my closet (neutrals, of course). Trying to pair down & simplify everything, finding good pieces and getting rid of the rest.
ENJOYING our time at my husband’s family farm. While our house is being built we are staying here and loving every minute of being in the country. The animals, seeing the stars, watching the deer, passing the barns, small towns & old buildings.
WAITING to figure out my schedule for the rest of the year … moving, Thanksgiving, two kids birthdays, Christmas. Trying to get some plans on the books.
WONDERING if this haircut was a good idea … chop, chop.
WISHING I could sell off my business ideas. I have a new, fabulous (in my humble opinion) business or product idea every day. Way more than I’d ever want to execute and in such a variety of fields that I have no interest or passion in at times. Btut still good ideas, nonetheless. It would be nice to have a portal for “ideas” that people could love, take & run with.
COOKING when I can… I love to cook & will be excited to be in my own kitchen.
LIKING my new Matte About You by Essie polish. One of those things I should have jumped on a long time ago. I love texture.
NOTICING I need some serious pilates in my life.
WATCHING Shark Tank. It’s my only “must see.”
OPENING new doors. You’ve gotta beat on 100 to get 1 hit so I’m always out there stirring things up.
WANTING to travel to Europe. I’ve never been and there are so many places I want to visit I wouldn’t even know where to go first.

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