I don’t know how she does it, but good golly, wedding planning extraordinaire Molly McKinley nails it every. single. time. Her aesthetic is elegant, timeless and every bash in her portfolio looks like one heck of a party that I have no doubt turned out to be absolutely unforgettable. This girl has serious talent and a true penchant for the most special of days. Oh, and inspiration shoots, too! Check out this beautiful happy hour she dreamt up for Halloween.

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NAME Molly McKinley
AGE 27
LOCATION Grant Park | Atlanta, Georgia
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Bachelor in Fine Arts from The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!)
COMPANY Molly McKinley Designs, wedding design and planning
ESTABLISHED February 2013
INSTAGRAM @mollymckdesigns
MAKING welcome bags for a wedding this weekend at the Georgian Terrace
READING over timelines and banquet event orders
THINKING through the last minute details of our November 15th wedding at the Biltmore Ballrooms
DRINKING a latte later this morning, but in the evening it’s a glass of Prosecco : )
WRITING up a proposal for a sweet bride getting married next May / a text to say hi to my hubs
BOOKMARKING gardening blogs to look through : )
MARVELING at how much I missed the crisp cool weather of fall / at my first planting which I get to harvest really soon!
HOPING somebody buys me a Matt & Nat or Madewell bag for Christmas (hint hint)
PINNING modern rustic interiors for our new 1920’s home
LOVING working at home with my pups, Sadie and Cooper, curled up next to me
FEELING thankful that I get to do what I love with the support of my family and friends
DISLIKING the competitive side of my industry
WEARING workout clothes for purebarre this afternoon
ADMIRING our new pillows from Scott’s Antique Market
PLAYING Lykke Li’s new cd
PLANNING our business goals for this coming quarter and year
BUILDING a small business with a big heart
TRYING to exceed expectations while extending myself grace and time away
DREAMING up design details for next year’s weddings with our sweet brides : )
FOLLOWING my dreams and my Jesus
PONDERING what we will be doing in 10-15 years
NEEDING to forget my to-do list for one day, go hug my mom and take her to dinner
ENJOYING my late twenties before we have little ones : )
WAITING on the perfect new little office/ meeting space for my business
WONDERING if I’ll ever feel like I “have it together”
WISHING that my family could all be together for one holiday this year. It’s a little difficult since there are five of us in three states!
COOKING up a plan to get my husband to take us out to eat tonight at Brickstore
LIKING the moments where people are honest about their fears and insecurities and using that transparency to grow and learn
NOTICING that I haven’t had my morning iced vanilla latte yet… needs to be fixed
WATCHING neighbors on their morning walks
OPENING my windows because the weather is perfect
WANTING for young people to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly and not be stuck in a place that doesn’t fulfill them

Photography Credits

Photo 1 by Jillian Zamora
Photo 2 by Haley Sheffield
Photo 3 by Rustic White Photography

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