First of all, her name is awesome. Harper Poe. I feel like it’s the ultimate pen name. Or maybe a really cool indie band. As it turns out, it’s the name of a particularly inspirational and very ambitious young woman who decided to bring together her love for indigenous culture and bright textiles in the form of Proud Mary. Harper has made it possible for artisans around the world to have a market for their truly exceptional creations (do yourself a favor and check out these handmade leather backpacks from Paraguay). Simply put, her work and passion are astounding and deserved of a (worldwide) round of applause.


NAME Harper Poe
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Construction Science & Management, Clemson University
LOCATION Charleston, South Carolina
COMPANY Proud Mary
WEBSITE www.proudmary.org
INSTAGRAM @proudharper


MAKING a sandwich
READING a book on African textiles
THINKING about growth
DRINKING sparkling water
WRITING product descriptions
BOOKMARKING the poetry of material things (tumblr)
MARVELING at pictures of places in the world i am dying to visit
HOPING to spend 3 full months out of the country every year
PINNING AW15 inspiration
LOVING micheladas
GIGGLING at @thefatjewish insta account
DISLIKING passive agressiveness
WEARING baggy jeans
ADMIRING Rosie Assoulin’s SS15 collection
PLAYING with my cat Marsha
PLANNING a trip to Lesotho in January
BUILDING a brand that I can be proud of
TRYING to work out 5 days a week
DREAMING about traveling the world
FOLLOWING @louisphilippedegagoue
PONDERING moving on from thing that no longer serve me
NEEDING to patch a few of my favorite pair of super worn in APC jeans
ENJOYING the fall weather
WAITING to go to an appt. in 20 minutes
WONDERING if i’m spread too thin
WISHING the weather would stay this way permanently
COOKING not much
LIKING aso-oke textiles from Nigeria
NOTICING mercury retrograde kicking my ass
WATCHING The Voice (a bit embarrassing)
OPENING a package with ‘Made in Mali’ labels
WANTING a facial

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