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I hope that one day, in the not too distant future, when I am a mama myself, I can be half as stylish as Morgan Hutchinson. I mean, look at her! She’s got it going on and the best part is she’s made it possible for mamas everywhere to jump on the oh-so-stylish bandwagon, too. Just last year, Morgan and her husband launched Buru to help new mothers, whether pregnant, breast-feeding (you name it!) look and feel their absolute best. And with their chic and easy breezy line of fashionable wear, it’s clear they’ve not only filled a niche but succeeded with flying colors.

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NAME Morgan Hutchinson
AGE 34
LOCATION Murray, Kentucky
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Design Degree from The University of Alabama
INSTAGRAM @shopburu


MAKING Contemporary art projects for our new showroom. The space is primarily white, so I am adding my own flair through colorful art.
READING Bedtime stories mostly, with some Fast Company and Vogue sprinkled in. Not a lot of time for books in this phase of life!
DRINKING Diet coke during the day & a glass of delicious Amarone in the evening
BOOKMARKING Petting Zoo themed birthday party ideas for Olive’s 2nd birthday happening in 3 weeks. I can’t believe it! And yes, we have a petting zoo coming to our house.
MARVELING How quickly time flies. It seems like I was boarding a flight (from China where we lived for 3 1/2 years) almost 8 months pregnant to come back to the states to have our Little Olive Bee. Now, she is turning two. Where does the time go?!
HOPING Truly hoping that BURU is a helpful resource for all mamas out there trying to maintain a sense of style and personal identity while working the hardest, yet most rewarding job out there.
PINNING I wish I was better at Pinterest. If I was, I imagine I would be pinning mid-century inspired office spaces as I am trying to finish mine!
LOVING Cooler temperatures. I am so excited about all the amazing coats and sweaters that we have right now. Can’t wait to start wearing them everyday!
GIGGLING Olive has started saying, “Oh my gosh” in the most hysterical tone. We don’t know where she got it, but we are obssessed. Still haven’t captured it on video, but we are trying daily.
FEELING Blessed and anxious at the same time. Can anyone else relate?! Blessed to be working with my loving and supportive husband. Anxious that my BURU brain child is all-consuming and has immersed him into a life of all things girl!
DISLIKING Mean moms on social media. We are all just trying to make it. Trying to do our best. Trying to be super moms. What we don’t need is some anonymous coward pointing out our flaws that we most likely already know!
WEARING Mara Hoffman Sweaters, David Lerner Leggings, Ace & Jig Dresses, Rachel Comey Booties, Tom Ford Red Lipstick, American Retro Hot Pink Overcoat, By Malene Birger Hats, Corey Denim Culottes, Hunter Bell Jumpsuits. I mean…we own a clothing business – changing it up everyday is a HUGE perk!
ADMIRING Rachel Blumenthal of and Katie Hintz & James McCoy of – these incredible ladies have created two amazing sites for moms. I just can’t get enough!
PLAYING Hide and Seek. Every day. All day.
PLANNING A trip to Paris in the spring.
BUILDING A deck. Trying to make our backyard a entertainment zone and more Olive friendly. And obviously, I am not building it : )
TRYING To stop teasing my hair. It’s tough to shake the Southern out. And, as a Southern girl, I do love my aerosol hairspray! I have been working to go a little more natural. I find that as I get older, bigger, perfectly fixed hair makes me look older!
DREAMING Of an upcoming couples getaway trip to Napa with my hot hubby and amazing friends.
FOLLOWING Romy & The Bunnies. Aspirational motherhood at its best.
NEEDING Down time with my family.
ENJOYING Candy corn & Brachs pumpkins. A once a year treat!
WONDERING How potty training is going to go. We are starting after we get back from a trip to LA at the end of the month.
COOKING Do cheese plates count? We work at night… A LOT so we can take advantage of time with our sweet Olive. After we feed her, bath her and get her to bed, we often find ourselves pulling out the red wine and a lovely variety of cheeses, meats, and cornichons.
LIKING Brett’s sense of style. My hubby has cute taste. His colorful wardrobe makes me happy.
NOTICING More and more amazing mamas doing unique and mind blowing things. I love to see creative types following their dreams (and most often looking completely fabulous while doing it!)
WATCHING Scandal. It’s so bad and so good at the same time.
OPENING Our BURU Showroom in Kentucky. We are so excited to a shiny new space!
WANTING An olive necklace made of emeralds with a ruby pit. Hint. Hint. Hubby.

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