I distinctly remember when life as I knew it came to a standstill. You know, when the season finale of The Bachelor aired in 2002, of course. I was completely obsessed, and twelve years later, very little (ok, fine — nothing) has changed. I unabashedly love the franchise, right down to the enormously misleading previews. I got my fiancé hooked, too because well, sharing is caring. Maybe “hooked” is a little presumptuous, but he does pay close enough attention to correctly predict how the rose ceremonies will turn out. Seriously, it’s weird. Of all the seasons we’ve watched together (and yes, that includes the terribly awesome spinoffs), Desiree has stood out as one of the few truly genuine, completely lovely contestants. And guess what? She’s the definition of #girlboss. Not only does she manage a beautiful blog, but she recently debuted her stunning bridal collection with Maggie Sottero and even more recently, launched a bridal jewelry collection with KV Bijou. See what I mean? Girl on fire.


NAME Desiree Hartsock
AGE 28
LOCATION Seattle, Washington
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Fashion Design AA at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, LA
COMPANY (blog) | Desiree Hartsock with Maggie Sottero (gowns) | Desiree for KV Bijou (jewelry)
INSTAGRAM @deshartsock


MAKING dresses
READING Vanity Fair magazine
THINKING What’s for lunch?
WRITING letters
BOOKMARKING home decor
MARVELING at God’s work
HOPING for sunshine
PINNING for days
LOVING the leaves changing
FEELING determined
DISLIKING the cold
WEARING a sweater and jeans
ADMIRING the Space Needle from my window
PLAYING Candy Crush
PLANNING our wedding
BUILDING relationships
TRYING to grow
DREAMING of my future
FOLLOWING fashion bloggers
PONDERING next travel destination
NEEDING more time
WAITING for our wedding
WONDERING how to help
WISHING for wisdom
LIKING sunsets
NOTICING the time
WANTING chocolate
MISSING my family

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