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If this interview doesn’t scream it out loud, I’ll fill you in on a little secret: Mattie Tiegreen is kind of (totally, completely?) the coolest girl around. It’s true. She not only has a super creative mind but puts it to good use, too. Enter: her adorable design company that she just rebranded to Green Tie Studio (see what she did there?). And if you read through her seriously wonderful interview, you’ll not only come away wanting to try Elsie and Emma’s at-home gel manicure (what?!), but you’ll also want to fly to Georgia to hang out with Mattie. Just wait — you’ll see what I mean.

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NAME Mattie Tiegreen
AGE 27
LOCATION Everywhere! We’re an Army family. Athens, Georgia is really ‘home’, but we’re currently on a short stint in Columbus, Georgia and will soon move to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND I attended the University of Georgia in Athens where I received my Bachelors Degree in Special Education and a Masters Adolescent Autism. I taught middle school special education for 3 years before jumping into full-time design in 2013.
COMPANY Green Tie Studio (formerly Puddleduck Paper Co.)
ESTABLISHED 2005 (the term ‘established’ used very loosely). I really got serious in 2012.
INSTAGRAM @greentiestudio


MAKING Patterns for our new wedding paper collection, launching in January (photo 2)
READING Kate Conner’s Enough and Sophia Amoruso’s GirlBoss
THINKING About getting more tattoos (photo 3)
DRINKING these Pineapple-Jalapeño Margaritas
WRITING Blog posts (finally!) You can read them here
BOOKMARKING Elsie and Emma’s DIY Gel Manicure. So excited to try it! (photo 4)
MARVELING Everything that Humans of New York posts. Brandon brings such honesty and grit to our focused-on-ourselves society and I think it’s just beautiful. This one especially hits me. Someone commented: “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” Gosh, so true.
HOPING Our next post is in Ft. Collins, Colorado or somewhere else mountain-y
PINNING Anything with lots of white space like this or this
LOVING The Pumpkin Nutmeg candle from Nature’s Wick. I know it’s totally an October cliche, but I can’t get enough!
GIGGLING At this and this
FEELING Very thankful to be doing what I love for a living. It will never get old.
WEARING My Highwood Clogs with everything.
ADMIRING Max Wanger’s Photography. Again with the white space : ) (photo 6)
PLAYING The Lumineer’s cover of The Talking Heads’ This Must Be The Place (On Pandora One, which I highly suggest to anyone who works from home. I can only handle so many corny car insurance radio commercials, knowwhatimean?)
PLANNING A getaway with my guy from Vancouver, through Seattle to Portland. Hopefully soon!
BUILDING All the tables for our new house. My husband is an insanely talented woodworker →
TRYING BarreAmped, a variation of Pure Barre (which I loved), but it’s not offered in our new town. I like it so far!
DREAMING Of what life will look like for us in 2, 5, 10 and 50 years. I love those thoughts.
FOLLOWING Britt Bass. She is a dear friend of mine and I have loved watching her soar these past few years. She is a rockstar. (photo 7)
PONDERING Painting our guest room white. We just finished painting the majority of the house a warm, bright white and didn’t get to that room. I haaaate the yuck dark tan that’s in there but I also haaaate painting. Things I debate with myself about.
NEEDING A skinny gold bangle. I’m digging this hex from Moulton.
ENJOYING Time with my husband before a very busy work season begins for him. I’ve been spoiled having him home to run errands, build house projects and cook dinner with me for a month now. I’m not ready!
WAITING On my social print studios squares to arrive so I can create an inspiration wall from my favorite photos!
WONDERING When our new sofa will arrive. I am a lot of things, but patient is not one of them.
WISHING Our new sofa would hurry up and get here : )
COOKING Esquites, a dish from one of our favorite Athens restaurants – which just closed! So sad.
LIKING Slingshot Coffee. All coffee, but really this stuff.
NOTICING That I’m currently drawn to loose, airy clothing. Give me Hackwith! (photo 8)
WATCHING House of Cards and The Good Wife.
OPENING Packages. every. single. day. Mostly business stuff, but my favorites are decor pieces for our new house like these yummy kilim pillows (photo 5)
WANTING A Madewell Transport Tote. All the leather.

Photography Credits

Photo 3: Kinfolk Magazine
Photo 4: A Beautiful Mess
Photo 6: Max Wanger
Photo 8: Melissa Oholendt for Hackwith Design House

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