My nightly night cap is dessert. It has become such a ritual that on the rare occasion I don’t have a little something sweet before bed, it really throws me off. Of course, that only happens if (a) I forgot (as if) and (b) I’m too full (but that’s why you have a dessert stomach, right? #rally). As far as I’m concerned, the sweet life is the good life. And one young go-getter, Xanna Kidd of XK Macarons, is living the dream and truly keeping things sweet along the way.


name Xanna Kidd
age 21
location Atlanta, Georgia
educational background High school
company XK Macarons
established May 2013
website www.xkmacarons.com

MAKING traveling plans
READING Kinfolk Magazine
THINKING I need to read more
DRINKING too much (ha!) coffee
WRITING goals + dreams
BOOKMARKING how to be a bee keeper
MARVELING over this weather
HOPING to own an airstream
PINNING cocktail recipes
LOVING early mornings
GIGGLING over the fact that I just said I am loving early mornings
DISLIKING the idea of a life without coffee
WEARING Madewell denim
ADMIRING those who pursue their creative career
PLANNING a birthday party
BUILDING relationships
TRYING to be better at communicating
DREAMING of new travels
FOLLOWING Mindy Kaling on twitter is the best
PONDERING what I’ll think about these answers a year from now
NEEDING a few more sweaters
ENJOYING a caramel apple scone
WAITING for macarons to get out of the oven
WONDERING what I should get for lunch
WISHING I was living more like Walter Mitty
COOKING more at home now then I ever have before
LIKING The Kinfolk cookbook
NOTICING how fast time flies
WATCHING Gilmore Girls forever
OPENING a bag of fresh coffee
WANTING to go apple picking this weekend

Photography Credits: Photo 1 via designlovefest  + Photo 2 by Morgan Blake

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