I am soooo excited for today’s feature and to share with you all (1) an incredible food blogger and entrepreneur and (2) a whole lot of flaky goodness with some cherries on top. Stephanie Le, ladies and gents! She is the girl behind not one, but two successful food blogs: momofuku for 2 & i am a food blog and the author of the newly released Easy GourmetTake a look-see because if today’s pistachio cherry tart recipe is any indication, you will be sure to find quite of bit of awesome between the pages. Oh, and fun fact: she’s Canadian, which means she’s (a) a looker and (b) super nice. And that’s based on my super solid theory that The Great White North produces some pretty spectacular humans. Like…Ryan Reynolds, Cobie Smulders (and Robin Scherbatsky, of course), Shania Twain, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling and the list goes on. So that’s my two cents on Canada. Here’s to a delicious day in the kitchen!


Between momofukufor2 and iamafoodblog, you are clearly a seasoned blogger. What encouraged you to start blogging? What keeps you going? I started blogging when I was kind of at a crossroads in my life. I was working at an office job and while I wasn’t miserable, I definitely wasn’t engaged and absolutely loving it. I was working there for a couple of years when, for Christmas, my husband gave me the Momofuku cookbook. It was the first cookbook that I actually read through. The writing (Peter Meehan co-wrote it) and David Chang’s voice were a balm. Here he was, a regular dude, just doing it for himself. I loved his story, partly because his beginnings were so close to mine (Asian, “useless liberal arts degree,” abiding love for noodles). I decided to cook through the book and blog about it, just as a creative outlet. I learned a ton about cooking, photography and blogging, but most of all, I had a lot of fun. What keeps me going is my genuine love for food, photography, and the whole food blog community in general. I love hearing from readers and other bloggers.

What was the inspiration behind your recently released cookbook, Easy Gourmet (congrats!)? What was the process like putting it together? Easy Gourmet is full of easy, everyday dishes that have a bit of a twist. So many of my friends don’t really cook and it’s because they’re intimidated by the kitchen. I wanted to write an approachable cookbook that would give them recipes that they could make at home. The process of writing the book was intense, in the best way possible. I wrote, photographed and designed the entire book, so that was a bit ambitious of me. I’d say the recipe development and testing took the most time. Photographing the book to a while too just because I was so picky. But the end result is that I absolutely love the book! At the same time, I wish it was like the blog so I could go back and tweak things that I feel need to be just so.


Photos courtesy of Stephanie Le

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