To put it succinctly, Rifle Paper Co. is just totally bitchin’. The incredibly talented Anna & Nathan Bond started the stationery & gift brand company nearly five years ago and it has since set a precedent for gift givers worldwide, myself included. Fearlessly jumping into entrepreneurship with their original idea in tow (two very important aspects, according to Anna), they came up against unforeseen obstacles shortly after launching their website. They were able to strike a balance, however, and skillfully learned the ins and outs of business as Rifle Paper Co. blossomed into the stationery & gift powerhouse it is today (thank goodness for that!). Anna is continually dreaming up new designs & ideas, so rest assured there will always be a whole lot of beauty where Rifle Paper Co. is concerned – as if today’s gallery wasn’t proof enough. As an aside, I decided last Christmas that my gifts needed to be (wanted to be?) wrapped in Rifle paper and boy, did they look swell (has anyone said that since 1950?). Needless to say, a Rifle Paper Co. Christmas will be a thing from here on out.


Photography: Jen O’Malley & Anna Bond

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