NAME Sofie Wright
AGE 24
LOCATION Perth, Western Australia
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Diploma of Children’s Services; Currently studying B. Education in Early Childhood & Primary
INSTAGRAM @polyjewellery


Tell me a bit about your company. What inspired you to start your own business? I’ve just started a jewellery line called Poly. I make one-of-a-kind necklaces out of polymer clay and pieces I find from the hardware store like hex nuts, brass washers and copper elements. I’m in the process of developing some rings and bangles to add to the collection which I’m very excited about. I started out making jewellery for my friends and family and just enjoyed it so much. I got a lot of positive feedback so I thought, why not start a label? Everyone has been so supportive!

You use various hardware elements in your pieces which add a very unique touch. What inspires your collection? I spend forever in the hardware store picking out pieces to experiment with. I’m obsessed with copper at the moment. I’m starting to get to know what shapes and colours look good together and looking at work by artists like Stephen Normandy, Leah Bartholomew and Alexander Girard offer so much colour inspiration.

Tell me about your design process. How often do you create new designs? At the moment I’m making around 30 necklaces a week. I make a huge batch of beads and just try out different combinations until I find the winning one. I’m trying to be a bit more deliberate in my processes!

One thing I particularly love about your collection is that all of your pieces are one-of-a-kind. Has it been a fun challenge to devise unique designs? I’m still so new to making jewellery so I have so many ideas I want to try out. It’s a fun learning process. I think I would go crazy if I had to make the same necklace over and over. Saying that, photographing and listing each unique item can be pretty time-consuming!

As a new business, how have you handled marketing? Has social media proven particularly helpful? I’m so lucky to have a husband with a graphic design background. He has helped me so much with product shots and branding. Instagram has been a great way to get my jewellery seen and connect with other artists. Next, I’m hoping to start doing market stalls and stocking my jewellery at local stores.

Did you face many challenges as you were preparing to launch Poly? What advice would you share with someone taking preliminary steps to launch their own business? I didn’t realise how competitive the Etsy market is. Just getting your item seen is such a challenge. So definitely manage your expectations and don’t expect overnight success. Most of all have fun and only sell what you would want to buy. Even though photography isn’t one of my strengths, it’s so important.

What is your dream for the future of your business? That people continue to buy and enjoy my jewellery so I can keep making it!

Guilty pleasure? Any home improvement show! Aesop everything. Midcentury furniture. Buying plants.
Cake or pie? At first, I was going to say cake but then I remembered the lemon meringue pie I had from Jamie’s Italian…so good!
Perfect Sunday?Brunching with my husband and walking around Northbridge.
Coffee shop order? Skim cappuccino in the largest size possible.
Song you can’t help but dance to? Time of the Season by The Zombies.


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