NAMES Antoinette & Stanley
AGES 29 & 33
LOCATION Singapore
COMPANY Hug A Porcupine
INSTAGRAM @thelittledromstore

Tell me about Hug A Porcupine & how you got started. Hug A Porcupine was started because we wanted some alternative accessories that were not over-the-top girly but yet, had a certain quirk and geeky-ness to them.

I am so curious…what is the story behind your company name? Our brand – Hug A Porcupine, in essence stands for having the courage to do something beyond the norm. It’s just like how hugging a real porcupine might hurt, no one dares to really do it. But the idea of hugging one is cute, yet eccentric at the same time, so I guess it is kind of like our brand persona?

Tell me about your design process. I usually keep a small sketchbook and if ideas randomly comes to mind, I sketch it down. And idea could come over a cup of coffee, or just by daily observations and people watching. Our design process always goes back to “What would I myself wear, or what would quirky people like to wear?”

Your collection genuinely puts a smile on my face. Those pasta-inspired necklaces are a stroke of genius! Where does your inspiration come from? Is it ever-changing? Hmm, inspiration really comes from everywhere. Just like what Paul Smith once said “You Can Find Inspiration in Everything – (And If You Can’t, Look Again.)” The pasta series was designed because we are real foodies, and we love food! We found it interesting that even in food, there’s symmetry and geometry. And I guess our inspiration is ever-changing because we are always curious about things.

How do you get out of your creative ruts? Getting away from it for awhile would be good, to clear the mind and then get back to it with fresher perspective.

What has been the best part about working for yourselves? We are not under the mercy of countless design changes/amendments from any art or creative directors! I guess the best part is the freedom in creativity, where we get to design what we’ve fully envisioned in our minds without being diluted by other people’s opinions.

Since launching Hug A Porcupine, has there been a particular moment where you felt most accomplished? When a series becomes a big hit! It really feels rewarding when we design something that has great response : )

If you could share one pearl of wisdom with fellow creatives considering turning their passion into a career, what would it be? We’ve learnt that dreams are not limited by our abilities, instead they are limited by our faith. Sometimes we feel like we or our work(s) are not good enough, but at the end of the day, you won’t know until you’ve tried. Don’t spend too much time doubting, that you end up having no time to make your dreams into reality!

How has your business changed over the last three years and how do you think it might change in the next three years? I guess we’ve matured over these years, and have learnt to be wiser. I’m not sure how it might change in the future, but I guess everyday we are learning.

So, this imaginary tree house…what is it like? One that is filled with colours, shapes, lotsa wood! And set upon luscious mountains, vast grass fields, large blue skies, and having picnics everyday!

Cake or pie? Cake!
Guilty pleasure? Having picnics everyday!
Item you can’t leave home without? Our phones (sadly)
Song you can’t help but dance to? Lullatone – “Here comes the sweater weather” from Lullatone’s “Falling for Autumn – EP” You can listen to it here
Spirit animal? Pugs!

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