Having the opportunity to “meet” business-minded twenty something’s like myself is really something special. Within my own small circle, I am the sole serial entrepreneur & small (itty bitty?) business owner so things can get a little lonely. I can only pepper my fiancé with so many questions or use him as a soundboard for so long. That’s where Little Small Shop comes in: it’s a catalog of chit chats with some of my very favorite ladies (and gents) who have shared their stories and helped me craft mine. And Cassandra Eldridge is no exception – she is a beautiful, wildly ambitious young woman determined to see her dreams come true, one stunning photo at a time. Beyond her eponymous photography business, she also maintains a blog (where I found my current read, “Do Less”), makes time for her daily sweat sesh and is sure to pencil in some puppy cuddles for good measure. Her work has been featured by an impressive array of online publications, including Lauren Conrad, Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Darling Magazine and of course, yours truly…*shoulder brush*.




The greatest technological advancement of the last twenty years? Hands down, the straightening iron. That may sound completely insane, what with the invention of say, the iPhone, but for a girl with one frizzy head of hair, it was pretty life-changing. My newly sleek mane did wonders for my overall appearance (it totally wins over an untamed, quasi perm) and for that, I am eternally grateful. Since I met my first straightener at age fourteen, nothing has changed as far as my hair styling ability goes — things are always (surprise, surprise) straight, straight, straight. That said, I could stand to learn a thing or two from someone so preeminent in hair and beauty artistry as Maritza Buelvas (pictured below). Her talents have been recognized by Lauren Conrad, Darling Magazine and Free People, to name a few. She is also the beauty editor for The Everygirl and a contributor for Brit + Co. Without a doubt, this #girlboss knows the ins and outs of beauty so I definitely need to take notes!